Get to know the Bingo Lingo!

Confused by chat acronyms? Want to know bingo lingo? Here's a guide to the acronyms and chat language used in our bingo rooms.

Acronym Translation Acronym Translation
1tg jk Just kidding
2tg 2 to go k OK
aamof As a matter of fact l8r Later
asap As soon as possible lol Laugh Out Loud
asl Age, sex, location lmao Laughing my a$$ off
b4n Bye for now lyk Let you know
bbl Be back later noyb None of your business
bf Boyfriend np No problem
bfn Bye for now omg Oh my gosh
brb Be right back plz Please
btw By the way rotfl Rolling on the floor laughing
cu See you sry Sorry
cul Catch you later thx Thanks
cya See you later ttyl Talk to you later
fcol For crying out loud! ty Thank you
fyi For you information w8 Wait
gf Girlfriend wb Welcome back
gg Good Game wd Well done
gl Good Luck wdw Well done winners
gla Good Luck All wtg Way to go
glev1 Good luck everyone yw You're welcome
gr8 Great ? Please explain
hagd Have a good day ?4u Question for you
imho In my honest opinion

Chat Etiquette

We have a friendly and fun chat room atmosphere and we want it to stay fun for every player. So we ask you to abide by the following when in chat:

Show respect, be courteous and friendly to all newcomers, fellow players and CMs.
The language for our public chat room is English, so please only use English in public chat, you can use private chat rooms to converse in other languages.
Do not argue or shout, using the unnecessary use of CAPITAL LETTERS, which is considered shouting or being angry in chat land.
Any form of discrimination, i.e., racial, sexual or ethnic, will not be permitted.
Do not use indecent or vulgar language.
Do not spam (flood the chat room with many copies of the same message).
Do not harass, insult, threaten or try to upset other players.
Do not assume a false identity or impersonate other players.
Do not use the chat room to voice complaints. Please direct any issues to our CMs and where appropriate contact our Customer Services Team.
Do not use the chat rooms as a form of advertising or for the promotion of other websites/companies.
Do not use insulting or offensive chat names.
Do not give out personal details.

If you break these rules or ignore our advice and warnings the CMs have the authority to ban/restrict you from chat.